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Like a corn maze- but not! 

Take a stroll through our blacklight maze of mirrors and see if you can find your way out! Be careful- there are lots of dead ends! Just when you think you've mastered it, we'll send you back in a different direction. Which way is harder? For pairs and groups- take the ultimate challenge and split up to see who comes out first without touching any mirrors!



Get your spy skills on

 Think you have what it takes to break into a bank vault without setting off the alarm?  We'll see! Come try out your agility by climbing over and under lasers to complete the challenge. One or two players at a time get to choose from three levels of difficulty to see if they can make the leaderboard. Be careful- each laser you hit adds points to your score!



Nerf-style shooting game

Think paintball- but without the pain or mess! This high-adrenaline combat game takes the fun of nerf guns to a whole new level! Use a real paintball gun, powered with CO2, to shoot a 2 inch nerf-style ball at your opponent. This game is an absolute favorite for tweens, teens, and adults to get a little aggression out, all in the name of fun!



Eat. Sleep. Laser Tag. Repeat.

The fun is non-stop with our laser tag system! Our newly, upgraded laser tag system is interactive with the arena and each other! Choose teams or play in a free-for-all battle to score the most points before time runs out. We also have taggers for the little ones with no vests, so the whole family can enjoy some family friendly competition!



Axe throwing for kids!

We have just the thing for little ones that want to do what the grown ups do! Our soft, rubber axes are lightweight and easy for children to throw. Our high-tech digital projection screens are lined with sensors to pinpoint where the axe lands on the target. That's not all! We have several game modes to select from including tic-tac-toe, bowling, and wood ring targets!

Ticket Prices
Ages 3 and under are always free with paying adult

Single Attraction Tickets      $12.95 (3 and under free with ticket)

Purchase a single daily attraction ticket to the Mirror Maze, Laser Vault, Laser Tag, Bazooka, Ball, or Rubber Axe Throwing. 

* Mirror Maze ticket includes unlimited trips with 3 challenges.

* Laser Vault ticket includes 3 times with 4 levels of difficulty to select from.

* Rubber Axe Throwing ticket includes 3 games with 5 rounds per game.

* Laser Tag and Bazooka Ball tickets include 1 game. Additional games can be purchased at a $5 discount.

Pick 3 Combo                   $31.95 (3 and under free with ticket)

Select three attractions (per person): Mirror Maze, Laser Vault, Laser Tag, or Rubber Axe Throwing

*Sorry, this combo does not include Bazooka Ball, but 1 attraction can be substituted for Bazooka Ball for an extra $3*

Pick 4 Combo                    $39.95 

Select any combination of four attractions (per person): Mirror Maze, Laser Vault, Laser Tag, Rubber Axe Throwing, or Bazooka Ball

Pick 5 Combo                    $47.95

Select any combination of five attractions (per person): Mirror Maze, Laser Vault, Laser Tag, Rubber Axe Throwing, or Bazooka Ball

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